To be a leading organization on industrial development towards sustainability for the country.

               1. To prepare, integrate and drive industrial development policies, plans and strategies towards sustainable growth.
               2. To prepare, combine and provide modern and reliable information, guidance and warnings on industrial economics and information technology systems.
               3. To strengthen the organization towards industrial economics excellence.
               1. Suggest industrial development policies, guidelines and measures, including the preparation of national industrial development plans.
               2. Suggest policies, define positions and cooperation guidelines on international industrial economics, including attendance to conferences and negotiations with foreign industrial organizations and agencies.
               3. Study and analyse industrial economics as initial data for policy formulation and planning, industrial development and resolution, or industrial technological development.
               4. Analyse, research, forecast and provide caution for industrial economics.
               5. Coordinate, accelerate, monitor, drive and evaluate performance of industrial development.
               6. Establish policies on industrial information surveys, data collection and utilization including the formation of industrial indexes, and act as an information technology centre for industrial economics.
               7. Perform other duties required by law as authorities of the OIE, or which are assigned by the Minister or the Cabinet.

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